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Anonymous Bloggers And The First Amendment: When And How Your Company Can Identify Its John Doe Defendants

By Michelle Sherman The exponential growth of the internet is also seeing an increase in the number of legal actions against “John Doe” defendants. John Doe is really synonymous with an anonymous speaker (blogger), who may be liable for claims such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or defamation. Fortunately, there is guidance from the courts … Continue Reading

Businesses May Have Some Legal Recourse For Anonymous Smear Campaigns On The Internet

By Michelle Sherman Businesses are using Facebook fan pages and interactive ad campaigns to market their products and services on social media. One sided banner ads are making room for advertising that is more engaged with consumers. With this exchange of information also comes the risk of negative comments being posted that could be damaging … Continue Reading

How to Legally Protect Your Brand in the New Millennium

Brands have life cycles and the brands that create a credible emotional connection with the consumer are likely to be able to demand higher consideration and maintain brand loyalty.¬†One must¬†consider what legal protections to employ and which pitfalls to avoid in building a strong and evolving brand in light of the key trends for branding … Continue Reading