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Companies Using Pinterest, Be Careful Not to Get Pricked

Pinterest has seen its number of daily visitors increase by 145 percent since the beginning of 2012, now counting 11 million users on its site, according to recent reports. It is a powerful social media tool by any standard, however, in recent months, with its meteoric rise, concerns have also surfaced about potential copyright issues. … Continue Reading

Anonymous Bloggers And The First Amendment: When And How Your Company Can Identify Its John Doe Defendants

By Michelle Sherman The exponential growth of the internet is also seeing an increase in the number of legal actions against “John Doe” defendants. John Doe is really synonymous with an anonymous speaker (blogger), who may be liable for claims such as copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or defamation. Fortunately, there is guidance from the courts … Continue Reading

“I-Arts” Viva La Revolución Digital

By Jessica Kantor Whether iPhone, blackberry, or droid, the smartphone has become the modern day Swiss Army knife. Now, with the help of these ubiquitous gadgets, artists, collectors and institutions are modernizing the ways in which to interact with art. With a swipe of a finger, one can bid on a work at auction; finger paint with … Continue Reading

How to Legally Protect Your Brand in the New Millennium

Brands have life cycles and the brands that create a credible emotional connection with the consumer are likely to be able to demand higher consideration and maintain brand loyalty. One must consider what legal protections to employ and which pitfalls to avoid in building a strong and evolving brand in light of the key trends for branding … Continue Reading

Information Sharing On The Internet May Mean Fewer Confidential Trade Secrets

By Michelle Sherman As a matter of course, we automatically Google someone, something, anything, in search of more information. In courtrooms, the attorneys choosing a jury are going beyond the information provided in the courtroom. One judge tried to stop the practice, and a court of appeal held that there was nothing wrong with it. … Continue Reading