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Occupiers’ Motion to Quash Subpoenas of Tweets Raises Privacy Questions

Occupy protesters in New York are attempting to quash the Manhattan District Attorney’s subpoenas of their tweets and Twitter account information. The protesters were arrested for obstructing the Brooklyn Bridge during a protest in October. The District Attorney wants to use the tweets to show that the protesters knew their actions were not sanctioned by … Continue Reading

Do Your Social Media Accounts Belong To Your Business? Why Worry, When There Are Safeguards You Can Take Now

By Michelle Sherman The world is closely watching a federal case in the Northern District of California where a mobile news and reviews resource company, PhoneDog, is suing a former employee Noah Kravitz (or independent contractor, depending on what news report you read) over who owns a Twitter account that was started in association with … Continue Reading

Bloggers and Web Media Beware: You Can Be Sued For Defamation If You Change A Video Clip And Distort The Speaker’s Original Message

By Michelle Sherman Everywhere we turn, someone is blogging about something. We have come to expect that we will get much of our news through one form of web media or another. Many people subscribe to a certain web sites because the posts are in line with how they view the world. They may want … Continue Reading

‘Astroturfing’ With Fake Reviews Exposes A Company to Legal Risk

By Michelle Sherman Web businesses have fueled the natural cynicism that consumers have when reading online reviews. There are too many reported instances of businesses or PR firms using employees or paid reviewers to post glowing reviews, and, in addition, mark as unhelpful negative reviews of their respective businesses.  … Continue Reading