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California AG to Begin Enforcing Privacy Law Against App Developers – $2500-per-Download Fines

Mobile app developers must now conspicuously post and follow privacy policies just like websites and other commercial online services according to California Attorney General Kamala Harris. On October 30, the Attorney General’s office began sending warning letters to app developers notifying them that they had 30 days to comply. Time is now up. And the … Continue Reading

How to Legally Protect Your Brand in the New Millennium

Brands have life cycles and the brands that create a credible emotional connection with the consumer are likely to be able to demand higher consideration and maintain brand loyalty. One must consider what legal protections to employ and which pitfalls to avoid in building a strong and evolving brand in light of the key trends for branding … Continue Reading

Starting Up the Start-Up: When is the Right Time to Incorporate?

By Riaz Karamali Many social media and social gaming companies have launched products and achieved remarkable viral growth on a relative shoe string, in the process setting a new standard for efficient utilization of capital and human resources. We are frequently approached by new entrepreneurs who are about to launch social media or social gaming ventures and … Continue Reading