RSS Feed. An easy method for following blogs that are of interest to you without having to rely on getting an email notification or trying to remember to check back to the blog. For a more detailed explanation of an RSS feed, and also RSS feed aggregators which will monitor several different RSS feeds for updates at one time, click here.

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. There are vendors whose entire business is geared toward people finding your business, and having your business appear near the top of an Internet search. As a starting point, however, something that you can easily do yourself is to use title tags. Title tags are simply key terms that may include your business name, key short phrases from your blog article, or short descriptive terms for your products. Title tags are one of the most important ways to appear near the top of Internet searches. In choosing tags, you should avoid repeating the same word in several different phrases, and you don’t want the phrase to be too long (more than 70 characters) since all of it won’t be picked up. is a popular URL shortening site that will post your tweet to Twitter, or shorten it so you can cut and paste it to whatever social media site you want. With only 140 characters on Twitter, is invaluable for including your “mini blog” message with an article that you are attaching. Pro is an alternative way to shorten, and brand your message. Pro enables publishers and bloggers to use a custom short domain name when sharing content, such as (a sample, not an actual link).

Panabee.  With so many businesses and individuals using the Internet these days, the challenge of finding an available domain name that also works for you has only increased.  Panabee will show you interesting variations around your preferred URL or keyword, and also show you the URLs that your competitors are using with that keyword.

Apps For Business Travelers.  Too many choices, only so much space on your smart phone for apps.  Anyone would be hard pressed to find the best ones for a business traveler.  Here is the inside scoop on some that are getting good reports:  (1) Expedia Hotels joins Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline with a free app that allows rooms to be reserved using the device’s location based service; (2) GateGuru with a database of shops, restaurants and services at more than 150 airports, and what gate(s) they are located near; (3) Plancast, which is similar to Foursquare checkin, but is a way to broadcast in advance to your network of contacts what conferences, events, or locations you will be at in the future so you can make plans with other contacts who will be there, or decide on an event based on which contacts have posted they are attending.

Best all round gadget for business travelers: Monster’s Outlets To Go Power Strip so you will be able to charge those smart phones, tablets and book readers that make business travel more efficient and enjoyable.

Foursquare tab on Facebook fan page. Low cost marketing campaign increased McDonald’s foot traffic by 33%, and national clothing retailers such as Gap and Steve Madden have used it successfully to increase sales.

Offered to “foursquare” users, advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth.

Foursquare + Facebook fan page = Facebook for Pages on Facebook (produced by WhiteHorseApps). It allows businesses with fan pages to share the Foursquare profile on their Facebook page. Fan page admins just need to add their page’s URL and the tab automatically pulls in business name, address, map, check-ins and comments to the tab. To find out more about this app and others that are available to maximize use of Facebook for marketing promotions, and often are free, click here.

Ping FM. A free and easy way to update your social media sites at once, and, thereby, save time and maximize the benefits of social media, click here.

Twitter 101. Tweets are limited to 140 characters maximum, so use abbreviations or other shortcuts but make sure you get the message you want across. Use “#” in front of one or more words that you want to be found in a twitter search (“hashtags”), and thus your tweet will be seen and possibly retweeted to increase your following. Alternatively, you can search your business on twitter to follow conversations that mention it, and also thank people who have tweets that are complimentary (and retweet them!). Follow your competitors, know what they are doing, and take lessons from it. And, follow your target market, retweet them (you can tweet again their message with a comment added), they will appreciate it and may do the same – ideal to do with people or entities with a large number of followers.